Diplomats of Indian Embassy in China Visited WFMU
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Accompanied by ForeignAffairs Officers of Weifang Municipality, Mr. Goutam Bhattacharya ,second-secretaryin charge of education affairs and Mr. Parag Sighal ,supervisor of consularaffairs of Indian Embassy in China ,visited WFMU and  made diplomatic consul verification forIndian students on April 19th.. Vice-President,Prof. Sun Hongweiheld the reception.

Prof. Sun Hongwei expressedwarm welcome to the two Indian diplomats and introduced the development of WFMU.Director of School of International Education, Prof. Di Ying introduced thesituation on our international students education and the situation of Indiangraduates and undergraduates.Mr. Goutam Bhattacharya expressed appreciation tothe support and help provided by WFMU for the study and life of Indian studentsat WFMU. He said that the continuous improvement of our capacity attracts moreand more International students to apply for studying here. There are more andmore opportunities for cooperation in medical education and scientific researchbetween universities of China and India. We hope that greater progress will bemade in exchanges and cooperation between the two countries. Mr. GoutamBhattacharya handed over the official letter about the establishment of “Indianculture study center”at WFMU, and expressed his expectation to establishChina-India exchange platform to higher level.

After the conference, the diplomats talked with Indian students face-to-face and then made a shorttour at Fuyanshan campus and International students’ apartment. In theafternoon,the diplomats made diplomatic consul verification for Indian studentswho will take the Examination for Practitioners in India so that students wouldnot have to travel thousands of miles. Both sides agreed to provide moreconvenient services for Indian students so as facilitating their education.

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