A Series of Activities of “Boundless Words About Lei Feng , Dedication Without Borders” was Held
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On the morning of March 10th, a series of activities with the theme of ‘Boundless Words About Lei Feng ,  Dedication Without Borders’ was held by joint-sponsor—the faculty of management and law in School of Public Health and Management and the school of International Education.Chinese and foreign students gathered at Arts and Crafts Lecture of Jishi academy to learn Lei Feng ’ life and his spirit of dedication.

At the beginning of the event, the representative of the students majoring inmanagement and law told the story of Lei Feng and explained the connotation of Lei Feng's spirit. We watched the micro-movie Lei Feng, and then went to the library together to deepen our understanding of Lei Feng's spirit through searching and reading relevant books. International students shared the goodness story of their own country.There was a heated discussion on how toinherit Lei Feng's spirit in the new era. “Through the planning of this activity, I have a new understanding of Lei Feng's spirit, which ,as auniversal value,means goodness and dedication ” ,said Yue Hanlin, president ofthe student union of management and law majors.Student  Liang Guozheng said, “As General Secretary Xi said , Lei Feng's spirit merits perpetual promotion .We students have the dutyto tell Lei Feng stories to the world and make our own contributions to the building of community with shared future for all humankind . ”

This event is an innovative combination of Voluntary Service in March held by management and law majors  and Cultural Exchange Festival by the school of International Education. It was designed toprompt young people to study and practice Lei Feng's Spirit and cultivate theethos of Unity ,friendship and mutual help, making Lei Feng's Spirit honored throughout the whole campus of Weifang Medical University.

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