The 2018 Winter International Student Graduation Ceremony and Bachelor Degree Awarding Ceremony was Held by WFMU
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On the morning of January 3, the 2018 Winter University Graduation Ceremony and Bachelor Degree Awarding Ceremony was held at studio ofFuyanshan Campus Library.  The presidentof WFMU , Prof. Guan Yingjun, and the vice presidents of WFMU , Prof. SunHongwei and Liu Jun attended the ceremony. Directors of relevant departments,representatives of International Education School, graduate students, students and graduates’parents attended the ceremony.  Theceremony was hosted by Prof.Liu Jun. 

The chairman of the WFMU’ Degree Assessment Committee and the President of WFMU,Prof. Guan Ying updated thetassels and awarded the bachelor's degree certificates for the international students who have obtained a bachelor's degree. 

Prof. Sun Hongwei spoke at the ceremony and congratulated the international students who successfully completed their studies andexpressed his gratitude to the teachers who worked hard for the education ofinternational students. Prof. Liu Jun read the Decision on Granting a Bachelor Degree for 2018 Winter International Students. 

Representative of teachers, Zhang Rui and representativeof graduates ,Tatenda made wonderful speeches respectively. Finally, all thegraduates reviewed the “Medical Students' Oath.” 

The current graduates are from India, Nepal, Sudan,Pakistan, Zambia, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and other countries. 

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