Experts from Affiliated Hospital of WFMU Were Invited to Conduct a Surgical Demonstration by Live Broadcast at International Conference
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Recently, the 29thGreat Wall International Cardiology Conference kicked off at theNational Convention Center in Beijing, China. Under the leadership of  Prof. Li Jingtian, the Intervention Team of the Cardiovascular Department of the Affiliated Hospital conducted the surgery and demonstration by live broadcast on October 9 and 11 respectively at the “Great Wall Emergency PCI”.

The GreatWall Conference pioneered the Great Wall Society Academic Week, andlaunched a four-day emergency PCI surgery live broadcast on October 8-11, 2018.The real emergency PCI operation cases were broadcast live over theInternet.  The picture, supplemented bythe detailed anatomy of the case involving the coronary intervention, is toexplain the difficulties and hot cases in the emergency PCI.

The two patients who underwent surgery and demonstration in our hospital were all sudden “acutemyocardial infarction” patients. The department improved the relevant auxiliary examinations for the first time to eliminate the contraindications and thenperformed emergency coronary angiography and successfully opened the “criminal”blood vessels.  A chieving revas cularization saves patients' lives, which improve patient prognosis, andimproves quality of life.  The perfectdemonstration of the operation shows the advanced cardiovascular interventionaltreatment concept and super interventional treatment technology of the affiliated hospital of WFMU. The experts and peers who watched the demonstration gave high praise to the operation.

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