【University Commemoration Day】 “Strategic Innovation Talents Construction; Rethinking the New Challenges” Academician Yu Jinming Held the First Class of New School Year
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On the morning of September 17, our university's 1979-gradeoutstanding alumnus, honorary president, and academician of the Chinese Academyof Engineering, Professor Yu Jinming returned to the Alma Mater and delivered areport titled “Strategic Innovation Talents Construction; Rethinkingthe New Challenges at the Basketball Court of Fuyanshan Campus as the first class of2018-grade undergraduate students, postgraduate students and new youngteachers.President of WFMU, Prof Guan Yingjun hosted the report.

Before the report, the leaders of university : Guan Yingjun,Zhang Weihua, Sun Hongwei, Zhu Jun, Ge Guowen, Liu Jun, Tian Yanling held talkswith Academician Yu Jinming cordially.

At the report, Yu Jinming discussed life with everyone asa senior student  and elder generation.  He first introduced the talent discipline developmentand the talent team.  He talked about hisown understanding of talents from National Talent Strategy, in combination withhis own work, and encouraged everyone to be a person with excellent morality ,broadmind, hard working and innovation.

Yu Jinming hopes that students should have a desperatespirit in their study and life, to be as good example, to have a broad mind,and to persist in truth.  He emphasizedthe three elements of success: First, talent and genius are unavoidable. You shouldtake the spirit of being simple, hardworking, diligent and inclusive. Second,fate and opportunity are uncontrollable. It is the accumulation from quantitative change to qualitative change,which is reserved only for those who prepared well . The third is diligence.Everyone has to do everything by heart and you can't go to be as beggar inreality.You can achieve a huger career by running faster.  Yu Jinming also made a few suggestions to thestudents. First, we must have a scientific development plan, evaluate ourselvesobjectively and scientifically. Second, we must set a lofty goal, be brave inchallenging ourselves and surpass ourselves, and we can’t sit on the ground andlook up.  The third, we must be brave andtake responsibility. Establishing the idea of development is truth,. We musthave the courage to challenge and transcend authority; The fourth is to followpolitics, to be modest, inclusive, professional atmosphere, to unite the strength of the team; Fifth, wemust do things with precision and be low-profile, and we can’t only lift aslightly as one’s weights, but also lighten them;  Sixth ,we must focus on a fortress from goodto excellent, from fine to excellent; Seventh ,we must establish a correctoutlook on life and values. The contentment is happy.The lack of satisfaction isbrave,and  the unsatisfied person muststruggle; Eighth,we must constantly innovate, update step by step; Last ,Dreaming about good stories requires commitment and dedication.

In the end, Yu Jinming encouraged the students to becomethe talented as soon as possible and become the great talented. He informed thestudents that they should The great behavior is like water , the highestvalue tolerates all .Achieving great success by hard working and aim for thehighest . Yu Jinming hope that everyone will not forget the beginning ofthe heart, set off their sleeves and work hard and try best to be as a newcomerof the new era of national rejuvenation.

Guan Yingjun pointed out that Academician Yu Jinming putforward many forward-looking, innovative and pioneering ideas and suggestionson talent cultivation, discipline team building, and strategic scientistbuilding by standing at the forefront of technological innovation anddevelopment, with a forward-looking strategic vision, a broad world vision, anda keen political vision, combined with his own rich practices and a largenumber of vivid cases. Let us deeply appreciate a medical style with sentiment,high altitude and passion. Guan Yingjun hopes that everyone will bear in mindthe expectations and entrustment of the senior alumnus,  inherit and carry forward the WFMU spirit ofself-improvement、forge aheadandtruly shoulder the responsibility of young people in technological innovation, rememberingthe initial heart, bearing in mind the mission, and taking the footsteps oftheir predecessors.  We will make newcontributions to the construction of high-quality medical universities with distinctive characteristics and domestic well-knownuniversities, inject new vitality into the country's prosperity and nationalprogress, and strive to create achievements that are worthy of the times,worthy of history, and worthy of the people.

All the 2018-grade freshmen, instructors, new facultymembers, and directors of relevant departments listened to the report ofAcademician Yu Jinming. 

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